Steel Reinforcement

Steel reinforcement bar is also known as rebar, reinforcing bar, reinforcing steel and reinforcement steel. It is a versatile constructional material which is widely used in the construction industry for making of the reinforced concrete. Reinforcement concrete (RC) is a composite material made up of concrete and some form of reinforcement.

  • The thermal expansion for both steel and concrete are approximately the same.
  • Concrete is a material that is very strong in compression.
  • Steel rebars are the time proven match for reinforcing concrete structures.
  • Rapid quenching provides intensive cooling of surface.
  • Special property which is not determined as part of the routine inspection.

Summary of Steel Reinforcement

Reinforcing steel yields strong bonding and at the same time ,it is ductile enough to be shaped or bent cold. Steel is the best material for reinforcing concrete because the properties of expansion for both steel and concrete are considered to be approximately the same. This bond strength is proportional to the contact surface of the steel to the concrete.

A deformed reinforcing bar adheres better than a plain, round, or square one because it has a greater bearing surface. The rougher the surface of the steel, the better it adheres to concrete. Thus steel with a light, firm layer of rust is superior to clean steel; however, steel with loose or scaly rust is inferior.