Electrical Wiring

Electrical Wiring is the electrical power distribution through the wires in a perfect manner for economic use of wiring conductors inside a building with better load control. Electrical wiring system is classified into five categories Cleat wiring, Casing wiring, Batten wiring, Conduit wiring, Concealed wiring.

  • Always use safety equipment like goggles, gloves, shoes, etc.
  • Avoid the direct contact with live or energized circuits for Electrical safety.
  • The electrical wiring must be installed correctly.
  • Must be safety in accordance with electrical regulations and standards.
  • Many Factors affects the choice of wiring such as durability, safety and cost.

Summary of Electrical Wiring

Building wiring is the electrical wiring and associated devices such as switches, meters and light fittings used in buildings or other structures. Electrical wiring uses insulated conductors. Construction work requires electrical power for many purposes.

However, exposure to weather, frequent relocation, rough use and other conditions not normally encountered with conventional wiring systems necessitate special consideration not required in other applications or in completed structures. The application of this data sheet is limited to the electrical distribution system within the construction area from power supply service connections to receptacle outlets.