Aluminium Form Work

Aluminium form work, being a new type of building material was invented in the 1962. After more than 50 years of development, it has been widely used in the United States, Canada, Europe, HK, Macao, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Brazil and Vietnam.

  • It can be used repeatedly with low average use-cost.
  • Saving on Construction Time and No Construction Garbage on site.
  • It is widely used in wall, horizontal floor, window sills, floating plate etc.
  • The salvage value of the aluminium alloy formwork system is very high.
  • Low Carbon Emission Reduction and flexibility

Summary of Aluminium FormWork

The panels of aluminium formwork are made from high strength aluminium alloy, with the face or contact surface of the panel, made up of 4mm thick plate, which is welded to a formwork of specially designed extruded sections, to form a robust component. The panels are held in position by a simple pin and wedge arrangement system that passes through holes in the outside rib of each panel. The panel fits precisely, securely and requires no bracing.

The walls are held together with high strength wall ties, while the decks are supported by beams and props .Since the equipment is made of aluminium, it has sections that are large enough to be effective, yet light enough in the weight to be handled by a single worker. Individual workers can handle all the elements necessary for forming the system with no requirement for heavy lifting equipment or skilled.